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Finish 2018 With Your Best Self

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As I write this, there are 72 days left in 2018.  SEVENTY TWO!!  That’s TEN Saturdays left until we ring in the New Year. 

Where did all that time go?  Did you make a resolution 293 days ago?  Did you stick to it?  Me neither. 

Life gets in the way sometimes, things happen – other people need us, we lose our momentum, we don’t know where to go for help, we know where to go for help, but we’re afraid to ask for it…. I get it. 

Almost two years ago,  Jan 1 2017, I vowed to remain gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol free for the entire year.  I applaud myself for sticking to that goal, for the most part. (I’m not going to beat myself up for a glass of wine here and there or the occasional butter tart – I enjoyed those consciously, and moved on.)  At the end of that year, I felt THE BEST I have ever felt in my life – my stomach didn’t hurt, my skin was clear ( I have suffered with redness my whole life), my thinking was sharp, the benefits went on and on.

As Jan 1 2018 rolled around, I didn’t have a plan.  My 2017 goal was an accomplishment, but it had a deadline – I knew that I had to make an intention for a new goal for 2018, but I didn’t do that.  Life got in the way, and not only did I not set a new goal, I let my 2017 goal slide.

I thought that I would keep up with my healthy habits, but, life got in the way, as it does for everyone.  Once Empty-Nesters (I have soooo much to say about that – all you moms who are dreading your kids leaving home, fear not – Empty Nester life can be SO MUCH FUN!), we discovered the new world of (as my mother would say) “Rubber Band Children”.  (The Rubber Band Phase is that stretch of time in your child’s life when they have moved away for College or University, then finished school, looking for work, discovering themselves, home but not home….it’s a confusing time for everyone.)

So when my kids came home,  I did something that I knew I could control – I cooked… A LOT.  Macaroni & cheese.  Roast beef & mashed potatoes.  Home-made pizza, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, pies, bread.  In an effort to put some order to our lives, I force fed my family comfort food, and then drank wine to “relax” from all the effort.

This led to some weight gain (cough cough 15lbs), and other health issues, including joint pain, congestion, fogginess, sleeplessness and ended with a terrible case of strep throat and sinus infection that I contracted ON VACATION.  (It was a low-point in my life – no man can out man-flu me!)

As a wellness professional and nutritionist, I know how to keep myself healthy, but this was a classic case of the cobbler with no shoes.  I decided that I had to dig myself out of that hole, reaffirm my commitment to a healthy lifestyle and I feel so much better for it now.

My point here is: It’s not too late to start living YOUR BEST LIFE! 

I invite you to join me for FREE here on Nov 1 in pulling out YOUR BEST SELF. 

Over 60 days, I will check in daily and provide you with little steps that you can take to improve the quality of your life. 

I’m going to walk you through small (non-scary) changes to your lifestyle that you ABSOLUTELY can do easily and incorporate into your life right away. 

Don’t worry – I’m not going to tell you not to enjoy those holiday meals that are coming up, all the parties, the cocktails, the late nights…I’m going to help you PREPARE for those events and those times when you are going to need to have a strong foundation.


PS – I’m going to incorporate some awesome recipes for you like this delicious Pear and Brie Appetizer.  Enjoy!

Pear and Brie Appetizer

1 Pear (sliced)

10 whole grain or gluten free crackers

4 ozs Brie cheese, room temperature ( I like the ripe, gooey brie)

3 tsp raw liquid honey

Toasted Walnuts

Honeycomb (optional)

Arrange the sliced pear, crackers and brie on a serving plate.  Drizzle the raw honey over the brie – keeping most of it on the top.

Garnish with toasted walnuts and/or a chunk of honey comb.



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