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Welcome! We want to give a big warm welcome to our new yogis at The Gardens!

Many beginner students start their yoga journey here. Everyone can practice yoga regardless of age, experience, or flexibility. We try to have something for everyone at the studio… gentle, groovy, family and restorative classes. It is best to begin your yoga journey with the New to Yoga class.

New to Yoga

This class is available to all students who are seeking to learn the basics regardless of age, experience or ability. It is also appropriate for any students who wish to refresh or deepen their understanding of the fundamentals. Learn the basics while staying safe as we gently ease into movement, balance & stretch.

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New to Yoga

Begin your yoga journey here
Gardens of Elmira Branch


Here are some tips to help make your first experience a positive one:

1.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to meet the teacher and get acclimated.
2.  Wear comfortable breathable clothes to stretch and sweat in.
3.  Come to class hydrated and bring a water bottle. Try to avoid eating an hour before class.
4.  Bring your own yoga mat or borrow one of ours.
5.  Avoid wearing perfumes or heavy scents of any kind. Come to class clean and fresh.
6.  If it has been a while or you have never done yoga before that’s okay! Every class is geared toward a beginner to an advanced student.
7.  Please don’t judge or compare yourself to others in class. Everyone was a beginner at some point too. Turn inward and listen to your body.
8.  Have fun! We play upbeat music in class and do our best to keep you all working hard and smiling. It’s a journey we want you to enjoy.
9.  If you are pregnant or have any serious injury or illness please consult your doctor first, we can help you modify your practice to suit your needs.
10.  Please refrain from loud noises:  be mindful and considerate of others during class.


* To speed up the registration process before your first class please have the Yoga Class Waiver form with you:
Yoga Class Waiver Form