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*New to The Gardens – 30 day unlimited pass $49 + hst

*First class $15 + hst

*One per customer.  Join us in class for more information!

Detox Flow

This yoga flow consists of many forward folds, deeper shoulder and arm openers, deeper back bends and hip openers. Head-to-toe, every part of the body is incorporated. The pace is focused and flowing to detox and purify the body and mind. You’ll be sure to end the class feeling more flexible and lighter.

Dynamic Yoga

Move through this flow class as you build core strength, improve joint and spinal health while building resiliency as you find a sense of strength and ease in your body. Feel recharged and energized – ready to face the rest of your day!

Candlelight Spa Yin Yoga

Unwind your tension in this restorative class. Rest your mind as your body relaxes in still poses.

Deep Tissue Yin

This Yin yoga class embodies classic Hatha poses with ancient Chinese wisdom. be prepared to work through several layers of the body like connective tissues, joints and bones. Poses are held from five to ten minutes and work to stress the body so that it can then rest and repair, and ultimately grow stronger. Your body become more open and mobility greatly increases. With a steady practice and correct alignment, you’ll be able to take your yoga to the next level.

Note: This class should be avoided if you are pregnant, have herniated discs or if you have a muscle or tendon tear.

Energetic Flow

This Vinyasa style class uses an organically flowing series of postures to create heat within the body, increase strength, flexibility, endurance, & balance. Expect to have a lot of fun, be challenged & leave motivated. Not recommended for beginners.

Foundations & Fun

This class is available to all students who are seeking to learn the basics regardless of age, experience or ability. It is also appropriate for any students who wish to refresh or deepen their understanding of the fundamentals. Learn the basics while staying safe as we gently ease into movement, balance & stretch.

Healthy Tweens

This class is offered to children around the ages of 8 and 12. This program provides an opportunity for children to explore their inner self through physical activity and movement skills. The students interests and abilities will develop through forms of fitness such as stretching, creative movement, team building games and dry land training exercises. This program also introduces various forms of relaxation with breath. The students will learn about their young bodies through an enjoyment of fun fitness to a path of well being.

Meditation and Motion

We begin with a relaxing meditation to calm the body and mind and focus on our breath. The second half of the class allows us to gently connect our breath to a soft flow, on hands and knees, to open and lubricate the hips and shoulders and increase mobility. This is a very gentle class and requires no standing. Leave feeling peaceful and relaxed.

Mild Flow

This gentle class is available to all students who are seeking to refresh the basics regardless of age, experience or ability. Stay safe as we carefully ease into movement, balance & stretch.

Power Flow

This 60 minute power yoga class aims to give you a full-body workout by pushing you to find greater strength, flexibility, and stamina. You will find that you are more alert, relaxed, and ready to take on the day.

Refreshing Flow

Geared toward students who have basic yoga / athletic experience. Move gently while layering elements of some challenge to your practice as we link postures with breath, flow & movement.

Yin Yang

Need to find some balance? Find it in our Yin Yang class! Maximize your strength and flexibility – the best of both worlds! We begin the first half of the class by warming the body with active poses that will strengthen and stretch your muscles. The last half of the class focuses on passive yin poses that open up those hips and back for increased mobility – all while listening to some relaxing music. The last five minutes we end with a deep meditation for maximum relaxation. Some yin poses are held for up to three minutes – trust us, your hips and back will thank-you! This class is great for those new to yoga, and perfect for those that have significant tightness in their hips and back and are looking for relief.